Quick Ship Hoot Rug by Gan

Quick Ship Hoot Rug by Gan
Quick Ship Hoot Rug by Gan
Quick Ship Hoot Rug by Gan
Quick Ship Hoot Rug by Gan

Quick Ship Hoot Rug by Gan


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One lamb… Two lambs…
All the spaces we create eventually become a faithful reflection of who we are. All you need to do is open your eyes wide and read what is there. If you look at the floor, what do you see? We see something that looks like a rug but which is really a flock of sheep disguised as a rug. A cuddly toy ready to shower us with unconditional love.

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GAN-QuickShip-Hoot Rug-X-Beige-5'7" x 7'10"



Designed by:



5'7" X 7'11"

6'7" X 9'10"

Materials: 100% new wool

Technique: Hand Loom 

Made in:


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