The W Residence

The W Residence

Austin, Texas

We had the opportunity to work closely with a long-term client on our third project together. On this project we created an everlasting home in was once a basic layout at The W Residence. The juxtaposition of privacy in an open space was intended to create mystery in concealed locations.

The concept of blurring the lines of private and public spaces was brought into play by adding fluted glass on the guest bathroom door along with the master bedroom doors.

The intent of the design was to conceal several built elements in the space. one notable use of materiality is the overscaled steel wainscoting in the entry hallway; two of the wainscoting panels are functioning HVAC access panels. Riftsawn white oak panels wrap from the entry, through the kitchen, and terminate on the opposite side of the unit. The panels intentionally camouflage a coat closet in the entryway.

The secondary bedroom was completely opened with steel and glass doors so that majority of the time it will be able to function as a lounge space in extension to the dining room. When need be the built-in holds a murphy bed so the room is able to also function as a guest room.