Cocktails + Coffee

Codependent Cocktails+ Coffee

Downtown Austin, Texas

A design-driven concept curated by Urbanspace Interiors.
Serving up cocktails, coffee, and serious design - without taking itself too seriously.

The brainchild of Urbanspace's Kevin Burns, CEO and Merrill Alley, Principal - Codependent is a conceptual cocktail and coffee bar inspired by Italian luxury, aperitivo culture, and the belief that beautiful design should be enjoyed by all. Think of it as a high-end design showroom meets Austin hospitality.

This design-driven concept located on the ground floor of the Independent Condo Tower, Austin's highest residential tower, Codependent is designed for duality. Where day meets night. Dark meets light. And Iconic Italian furniture is best appreciated with a glass of wine.

"My hope is that this space will have a bit of intrigue, a bit of the unexpected, that it might push some boundaries while inviting you to stay awhile...things aren't always as they appear at first glance."

- Merrill Alley, Principal at Urbanspace Interiors