The Proper Residence

Completed: 2021
Location: Austin, TX
Designer: Merrill Alley and Design Team
Photographer: Sophie Epton

Our clients for this project were a family including two children, moving from their single family home to a new condo downtown. Our intent was to make our clients unit feel more like a  home and less like a condo, by creating a warm and curated space. We had a beautiful palette to start with and by adding layers of drapery, wallpaper, and indirect light we were able to add a lot of softness. Utilizing our clients eclectic art collection we were able to mix old world charm with some new modern pieces in order to create a finished look. Since these clients were wine connoisseurs we wanted to make a wine room the focal point of the project. We created a custom wine fridge with backlit onyx. Since we were working with a smaller footprint the backlit onyx acted as a continuation of the glazing which allowed for high impact without compromising visual space. We created a hide wall in one of the bedrooms in order to bring some detailing that reflected the design of the lobby and amenity space.